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What is Dragon's Bane Legends?

Game Introduction:

« Dragon’s Bane Legends » is an NFT card game set in a fantastical universe where two powerful clans, the Legion and the Horde, clash for domination. Each clan comprises eight different types of soldiers, ranging from paladins to mages, warriors, hunters, and many more. Each soldier is depicted in both male and female versions, providing players with a wide array of strategic choices.

Rarity Levels:

Every character possesses a rarity level ranging from common to legendary. The higher the rarity level, the more potent and coveted the character becomes. Players must strive to collect the rarest and most powerful cards to form an unbeatable team.

Game Objective:

Attention, the testing phase is closed until the mobile application is completed.

« We have provided a temporary alternative to address this issue ‘here.' »

The ultimate goal of the game is to join forces with other players to face formidable monsters. Each monster possesses a specific attack power level, a certain number of hit points, and team criteria to meet. Players must find and assemble balanced teams by combining the strengths of different types of soldiers to exceed the required power level and defeat the monster. « How to determine the power of my card in Events? » Well, you may have noticed that each card has a number in the upper left corner. This number indicates the card’s level. You will also find a shield where this number is located. The shield indicates the « Character’s Role. »

Discord Server:

To facilitate team searches and communication among players, a dedicated Discord server has been created. Players can gather, exchange advice, and organize themselves to face the most formidable monsters.


Rewards are distributed randomly among the winning teams. In a team of 10 players, only 3 to 5 prizes are awarded. The rewards primarily come in the form of DBC tokens, the in-game reward currency. These tokens allow players to accumulate DBC, which can then be exchanged for DBL, the currency used in the game’s marketplace, or traded for traditional currency (FIAT) or StableCoins like BUSD.

It’s important to note that DBC distributed as rewards, loot, gifts, etc., are subject to a 60-day vesting period. This is done to prevent destabilization of the game’s economy and to allow you to benefit from the influx of new participants during these 60 days.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that with each NFT sale, a portion of that transaction is automatically redirected to the DBL token.

In other words, occasionally, a special reward may be granted in the form of an NFT character, giving players the opportunity to own « exclusive » and rare cards.

Fusion System:

A fusion mechanism is also present in the game. Players can enhance their cards by merging two individual cards, a male version and a female version, to create a randomly upgraded card. This gives players the opportunity to improve their current cards while continuing to explore new strategies and combinations. It’s important to note that merging 2 cards involves burning them, which will automatically take them out of circulation as they will be destroyed. It’s important to mention that there’s a fusion address on our Discord to track the game’s balance.


In conclusion, you now have the essentials to get started!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of « Dragon’s Bane Legends »! Face formidable monsters, assemble powerful teams, collect cards with various levels of rarity, and join the struggle for supremacy between the Legion and the Horde in this epic NFT card game. Get ready to become the master tactician and write your own legend in this fantastic world.

Let the battle begin!


Last updates

R.I.P :

Dear Community Members,

I have both good and not-so-good news to share with you. Which one would you prefer to hear first? Well, let’s start with the less pleasant one to address the situation right away.

During the implementation of our game system, one of our developers suggested a feature called « R.I.P » for characters. Initially, we had set this option aside while waiting to see how events and interactions with participants would unfold.

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we will have to activate this « R.I.P » option after today’s event. You are probably wondering what « R.I.P » means. As the name suggests, it is an acronym for « Rest in Peace, » commonly used to signify death. Yes, you’ve understood correctly; we are indeed talking about in-game death.


Here, in this mode, the version is greatly simplified since we don’t conduct group searches to participate in the event. In this mode, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to Discord and join the STACKING channel.
  2. In the STACKING channel, send us a message with the wallet address where your character(s) is located, along with indicating the character’s class and rarity that you’re placing in stacking.
  3. Our robot retrieves the wallets and character classes, performing a verification to ensure proper registration. Then, the robot places your character in a team sequentially based on the order of places in available groups.
  4. After the event, the robot for rewards assigns the outcome of the prizes and publishes it automatically. It also executes a transmission mechanism, allowing you to track these results on our website in the « Results » section, categorized by your clan.
  5. The rewards are automatically sent to your wallets.

Optional : For those who don’t wish to leave their wallets on Discord, you have a very simple solution to use: the new Etherscan app called « Blockscan Chat, » which is essentially a wallet-to-wallet messaging platform.

To participate in this game, here’s how to proceed. First and foremost, to embark on the adventure, you’ll need at least one card. Regardless of its class or rarity, you just need to choose which clan you want to join. To do this, you’ll have to visit Opensea to buy one or use a card you might have won in a giveaway or an airdrop. It’s important to keep in mind that the more valuable your card is, the more you’ll be sought after to join a team. Your card will indeed be a highly sought-after asset.

Once you possess a card, you’ll need to join the official Discord. This is where you can interact with other members of your clan to form a team. On the Discord, you’ll find different channels, including a space to discuss various topics, and another specific to sign up for ongoing events, especially dungeons.

It’s crucial to carefully select your team, as each character has only one attempt to defeat the Event Boss. For this reason, it’s advised to exchange with other team members to evaluate the statistics of your composition. Once all members agree, you can choose the dungeon channel to sign up in.

Once the team is formed, a bot will confirm the registrations, and the confrontation results will be available sometime later. It’s important to note that, because all of this is blockchain-based, several verifications will take place, including participant addresses, the cards they possess, card statistics, and calculations related to the team’s confrontation with the boss. As a result, this might take up to 6 hours in longer cases, but on average, it takes about 1 hour as that’s the time needed to balance card statistics.

Once all these steps are completed, the results will be revealed. If your team manages to defeat the boss, you’ll be notified on the dungeon channel, and the drawing for rewards will commence. Only 3 to 5 rewards will be randomly distributed among 3 to 5 members of the participating team.

If you didn’t receive loot during this event, don’t panic. You’ll have another chance in the next event. Just hope that luck will be on your side this time. Furthermore, a preview of the confrontation results will be published on the official website, allowing you to keep a record of your event participation.

Sure, what could the DBC Token be used for?

We have introduced this token with the intention of establishing an in-game economy. In reality, this token, the DBC, functions in a manner similar to staking but with our unique approach. Let me explain in more detail: imagine you own some DBC, which you acquired through an event, giveaway, or other means. At the point of reception, this DBC has an initial value.

However, we have introduced a particular mechanism: with every sale of an NFT, 30% of the amount from that sale is automatically implemented into the DBC economy. Specifically, as the number of game participants increases, the value of the DBC token should also grow. It’s worth noting that we’ve set the total number of tokens at 100,000,000 due to the numerous rewards we have planned for cardholders throughout this journey. Thus, even if you don’t participate in a boss event or aren’t selected when a boss is defeated, it doesn’t change the fact that you retain the opportunity to receive rewards. These rewards will be randomly distributed among the cardholders of the game.

Regarding « staking, » which usually assigns a fixed value (often minimal), we have opted for a more innovative approach. However, it’s important to underline that the success of this initiative relies on everyone’s contribution. We thereby encourage maximum sharing of our content so that every new and existing participant can be rewarded proportionately. Let’s always keep in mind that the community is at the foundation of everything.


Research and Design


Research on developing a project integrating NFTs, gaming, and an economic system: how to merge these elements profitably for players and investors.



Initial Creation Phase: ALPHA 1
  • Designing cards, clans, and characters.
  • Exploring an initial gameplay mechanism through an alpha version.
Mechanism Evolution: ALPHA 2
  • Following the positive feedback from Alpha 1, we introduce the character fusion concept to enable their evolution.
  • Concurrently, we experiment with a "burn" system for merged characters, thereby reducing the card supply and enhancing their secondary rarity. This complements the inherent rarity of the cards themselves.

Major Evolution: BETA 1
  • Building upon the incredibly positive feedback from ALPHA 2, we decisively move into a new phase.
  • We initiate the creation of the DBC token on the testnet and begin integrating it into the game.
  • Simultaneously, we launch the first BETA version, encompassing the fusion feature, the "burn" mechanism, token introduction, and an initial rewards system.
Advancing with confidence towards Beta Phase 2...
  • We take our first steps successfully. During this final testing phase, our focus is primarily on optimizing the mechanism, addressing some latency issues.
  • Simultaneously, we proceed with the minting of NFTs on OpenSea. Furthermore, we finally launch the long-awaited version 1 of the official website and strengthen our presence on social media.
  • As an additional step, we establish a Discord community to enhance interaction and engagement.

Calling all WARRIORS! The time has come to wield your weapons!

We are proud to announce that access to the formidable first boss, SERAPHON, is now open, offering valuable rewards.

To celebrate this moment, we are launching an inaugural GIVEAWAY phase exclusively for our community.

This inaugural event holds significant importance as it will allow us to gather initial feedback from players and investors. Their insights will guide the upcoming stages of our development.

Introducing the R.I.P Mode (In-Game Death) and Resurrection Tokens. This mode is a feature that allows players to have a deeper involvement in the game.

Addition of the in-game Market and PETs.

Introduction of the DBL Token for in-game purchases.

Interim solution

We want to inform you about recent developments regarding events and rewards in Dragon’s Bane Legends. As you know, creating applications takes time and requires careful attention to ensure they function properly, are secure, and free of bugs. Additionally, managing weekly events for each clan also demands significant effort.

However, we have found a temporary solution that will allow you to continue participating in events and receiving your rewards. We are excited to introduce our new partner, REVELATION M. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Create Your Characters in REVELATION M: You can now create your own characters directly within the REVELATION M game. These characters will be linked to your Dragon’s Bane Legends NFTs.

  2. Participate in REVELATION M Events: Once your characters are created, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in specially designed events within the REVELATION M game. If you win these events, you’ll receive rewards as before.

  3. Continuity of Rewards: This approach will allow us to maintain reward distribution without interruption while giving us more time to focus on developing the Dragon’s Bane Legends applications.

Future updates

Get ready for adventure with our new downloadable interface!

  • In this initial phase, we're focusing on mobile development. Our app will allow you to closely monitor your clan's progress, stay updated on the current event, track the boss's health, calculate attack power, check prerequisites, and get a glimpse of the upcoming event. Additionally, you can select your character and directly sign up for SOLO events (in stacking mode).
  • Once the mobile version is up and running, we'll move on to the PC/Mac version. This adaptation will offer the same smooth and comprehensive experience as the mobile app, allowing everyone to dive into the game's universe, regardless of the chosen platform.

  • It is with the constant intention of moving forward that we are considering implementing a GUILD system within each Clan.
  • Additionally, we have also contemplated creating an arena system between the Clans. In this system, you would have the opportunity to register your team in a 5 versus 5 scenario to face a team from the opposing clan. However, I won't disclose further information to you. All of this is part of our upcoming objectives.
For more details about the project or its TOKENOMICS, please refer to our Whitepaper.

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