Discover the first pioneering guild in the integration of its own economy.
Thanks to this innovative initiative, we offer you the opportunity to continuously earn rewards in the form of NFTs.
Moreover, our valuable DBC and DBL tokens, especially during major events, enable you to earn Ethereum rewards.


"Create the first Guild that compensates its members."

The creation of a new character remains a relatively straightforward task. By undertaking appropriate missions and exploring dungeons, the leveling phase will progress smoothly.
It is essential not to overlook the development of profession skills, as these can prove extremely useful at higher levels.
It is highly recommended that each of you links your NFT characters to a character in the game. For instance, if you own 5 Dragon’s Bane Legends NFT characters, you can use these 5 characters in REVELATION M. You will need to link your rarest NFT character to your main character in REVELATION. The other 4 NFT characters can be linked to 4 other characters in REVELATION M.
Why do this? It allows you to link your rarest NFT, which generates the most rewards, to your main character in REVELATION M. This method also applies to pets. It is crucial to aim for the rarest NFTs to maximize rewards during PVE and PVP events. Rewards will be distributed based on the character class you own and also based on its rarity.
For example, in the case of a victory in a common dungeon:
– NFT PALADIN/COMMON receives 100 Token DBC.
– NFT PALADIN/RARE receives 300 Token DBC.
And in the case of a victory in a hard dungeon:
– NFT PALADIN/COMMON receives 300 Token DBC.
– NFT PALADIN/RARE receives 900 Token DBC.
Linking your NFTs to your in-game characters makes it easier to manage rewards during distribution. Each character participating in an event automatically receives the rewards from its NFT. This also enables you to participate in multiple events with several Dragon’s Bane Legends characters linked to characters in REVELATION M.
The pets will play a crucial role in the game and its mechanics, as mentioned earlier. To use them during reward events, it is necessary to own them as NFTs. Only characters in REVELATION M with an NFT pet will be able to use them during events. Here’s how it works:
  1. Without NFT Pet: If you don’t own an NFT pet, only your character can participate in dungeons or PvP arenas.
  2. With NFT Pet: If you have an NFT pet, you have the right to summon it during dungeons or PvP arenas.
NOTE: To avoid the « PayToWin » mechanism, there will be events with restrictions and others without restrictions. For example, in the arena, there will be mixed events where those with a pet and those without a pet can compete. However, there will also be restricted events, some modes will be without pets, and others only with pets.
Regarding pet rewards:
  • Pet Attributes: Pets will retain their attributes. For example, a HYBRID pet can be linked to any character in REVELATION M, a TANK pet to a character capable of tanking, etc.
  • Reward Gain Buffs: Some pets will have reward gain buffs, and they will be valid in REVELATION M.
  • Pets without Reward Gain Buffs: Pets without reward gain attributes will have rewards equivalent to 50% of those with reward gains. For example, a Legendary Pet without reward buffs will earn 12.5% DBC compared to a Legendary Pet with rewards, which will earn +25% DBC. This applies to both PVE and PVP.
Regarding the rarity of pets in Dragon’s Bane Legends and their adaptation to Revelation M, we will simplify the rarity levels for better understanding. The 5 rarity levels in Dragon’s Bane Legends (COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY) will be adjusted to 4 levels in Revelation M, temporarily excluding the UNCOMMON rarity level. Thus, the correspondence will be as follows:
  • COMMON (Dragon’s Bane Legends) = COMMON (Revelation M)
  • RARE (Dragon’s Bane Legends) = RARE (Revelation M)
  • EPIC (Dragon’s Bane Legends) = SR (Revelation M)
  • LEGENDARY (Dragon’s Bane Legends) = SSR (Revelation M)
This simplification should make the understanding of pet rarity in the context of Revelation M clearer.
To join the project, the connection point between Dragon’s Bane Legends and REVELATION will be established directly in the form of a GUILD within the game REVELATION M. We will create a GUILD to bring together project members as well as those who are not yet part of the project or simply do not wish to be but are looking for an active guild.
This guild will host events with token rewards, events without rewards, and mixed events where players can mingle, but only project members will receive token rewards.
To be part of the project or start receiving token rewards, you just need to be a holder of a Dragon’s Bane Legends NFT and link it to your REVELATION M character.
Once this is done, you will be directly enrolled as a member on the Dragon’s Bane Legends Discord server, and your receiving wallet will also be directly linked to the events your character participates in REVELATION M
To ensure the smooth progress of our adventure, it is crucial to adhere to the rules established by the ADMINISTRATORS and Moderators. During each event, reward distribution, purchase/sale, etc., it is essential to strictly follow the guidelines.
In case of any doubt, feel free to contact a team member who will be happy to guide you and prevent any misunderstandings or errors on your part. Clear sanctions will be applied in case of attempted fraud or non-compliance with the regulations.
Therefore, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with a staff member to avoid any form of penalty. Thank you for your understanding.

Events PVE

« Assemble a group and challenge increasingly formidable dungeon bosses to win a maximum of items and tokens. »
Every day, you will have the opportunity to involve your NFT characters and companions in group dungeons with rewards.
It’s up to you to choose the difficulty level you’re willing to face.
You have 5 attempts to complete the dungeon and receive rewards (tokens) based on the rarity of your NFT characters.

Events PVP

« Whether in a team or solo, become arena gladiators by participating in 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 arena tournaments. Successfully claim your rewards. »
Form your best team with friends to challenge other guild players in a private arena with rewards (tokens).
You also have the option to participate solo and claim the role of Guild Gladiator.
Don’t forget that your companions will be crucial in the arena.

Buy in-game

Our purchases on our website will be directly payable in Tokens.
This will allow our members to indulge themselves by spending their tokens instead of their « real money. »
All packs sold will be Official Packs purchased directly from the Official Store by our commercial team.

Join the DISCORD

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