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"Welcome to the exciting world of the NFT card game "Dragon's Bane Legends"!

“Dragon’s Bane Legends” is an NFT card game set in a fantastical universe where two powerful clans, the Legion and the Horde, clash for domination. Each clan comprises eight different types of soldiers, ranging from paladins to mages, warriors, hunters, and many more. Each soldier is depicted in both male and female versions, providing players with a wide array of strategic choices. »

To learn all about the game and its mechanics, we invite you to check out the tutorial here.



After a 3-month testing period of our version on Discord, we are excited to announce the transition to the next stage in conjunction with the ongoing development of our mobile application. Although we don’t have an exact release date for the official app launch, we have decided to allow you to continue receiving your rewards by playing on a carefully chosen partner.

Choosing the right partner was a challenging decision due to the multitude of candidates. After conducting thorough tests, we have selected the game REVELATION M, as it has proven to be the most convincing candidate and seamlessly aligns with our requirements. We will be creating a Guild on the REVELATION M servers so that our members can join us and continue the adventure.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you and providing an even more rewarding experience on REVELATION M. Stay tuned for more information and exciting updates to come. Thank you for your ongoing support!

The beta testing phase of REVELATION M has just concluded. After an extremely successful testing period in the game, we are eager to reunite with all of you on the official version.

Currently, we don’t have an exact date to share with you, but there are « rumors » circulating about a potential release date on December 14, 2023.

Stay tuned for official updates and more exciting information to come.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in REVELATION M and Dragon’s Bane Legends? Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Join Our Guild on the NUANOR NA Server:

    • Our guild is active on the NUANOR NA server. To join, simply hop onto our DISCORD Guild by clicking here).
  2. Install the Game:

    • REVELATION M is available on multiple platforms: PC, Android, and iOS. Download and install the game on your preferred device.
  3. Select NUANOR NA Server:

    • During the server selection process, choose the NUANOR NA server. This will ensure you’re part of our community.
  4. Create Your Character and Dive In:

    • Once in the game, create your character and step into the immersive world of REVELATION M.
  5. Join a Guild:

    • Use the in-game guild function (please note that your character needs to reach level 18, which can be achieved quickly) to search for our guild.
  6. Send a Guild Membership Request:

    • When you find our guild, send a membership request. We’ll be thrilled to have you on board!
  7. Stay Updated on Events:

    • Keep an eye on the events organized on our DISCORD server. Participate in those that interest you and reap the rewards!

About the collection

Discover our captivating gallery of NFT cards, each representing a character class with its own attributes and special features. Immerse yourself in a fantastical universe where each card embodies a role, equipped with characteristics that set them apart from others.

Refine your fusion strategy to create even more powerful cards, but be cautious of the consequences of your choices. Each decision you make can impact your team’s development and your performance in the game.

In « Dragon’s Bane Legends, » the competition is intense, and the battle for the top spot is relentless. Challenge formidable monsters twice a month to reach the pinnacle of the leaderboard and become a master of legendary cards. Epic battles and daring strategies await as you dive into a world filled with mysteries, magic, and challenges.



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« Explore our token-based economic system, powered by DBC (Dragon’s Bane Coin), the reward token, and DBL (Dragon’s Bane Legends), the in-game purchase token, which offers exciting opportunities to enhance your influence and engagement within your clan.

Exchanges, sales, and purchases of NFT cards allow you to gain reputation and expand your portfolio. Stay tuned for airdrops and giveaways as they provide unique ways to strengthen your position.

With the evolution of the game, the DBC Token (Dragon’s Bane Coin) has become the Token of rewards. Players can accumulate them during weekly events, giveaways, and various in-game rewards. It will be possible to accumulate a certain amount of them to exchange for DBL, which is the Official Token of the in-game Market.